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Myles Thomas is not actually known for being very nice but he is known for making top quality factual television, corporate videos and web videos. From top rating series Masterchef NZ to international hit I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, Myles has been involved with the cream of the screen.

Now he has his own company, he can work his magic with your project. And Myles has company too, a large assortment of collaborators to make you (and him) look good.

Alistair Wilkinson – Executive Producer of News and Current Affairs

Chris Prenter – Composer

Cinna Smith – Researcher and Producer

Crighton Bone – DP

Daniel Fyles – Website Design & Management

Dan Mace – Animation and Graphics

Josh Thomas – Creative Project Manager

Kay Ellmers – Producer and Director

Mark Mitchell – Safety and Stunts

Matt Aickin – Sound Designer and Composer

Miranda James – Writer

Matt Sumich – Director

Pablo Araus – Digital Videographer

Phil Donovan – Sound Recordist

Sam Blackley – Producer

Simon Ellis – DP

Simon Wade – Animation and Graphics

There are many more creative and experienced people to add to this list as and when required – Producers, Writers, Presenters, Musicians, Assistants, Researchers, Publicists, PRs, Executives, Gaffers, Cam Ops, Photographers, Mentors and Friends-in-high-places.

And you can be sure, they’re all nice, very nice.

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