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Very Nice’s professional and flexible approach provided us with quality production for the business stories we wanted to tell, and offered us good value for money.

Camilla Cochrane
Senior Advisor – Business & Government Marketing
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

The quality of your video exceeded our expectations, and while it is great to get our story out, I was blown away by the professionalism in getting so much done with so little hard work and heartache from our part.

Jonathan Woodbridge Buys
Energy & Environment Engineer
SKYCITY Auckland

Tony, Richard and I are delighted with the end result, the story is excellent and all the key points are presented in a succinct and easily digested manner.

Martin Fryer
Sustainability Advisor
Auckland Airport

I had the privilege of working with Myles Thomas and Very Nice Productions recently. Myles brought a great sense of professionalism and creativity to our project. He handled the project with a tremendous amount of respect for the story we wanted to tell, our people and most importantly our client. Both his manner of working and the end-result were exceptional.

Louis van Wyk
Community Communications Manager

Factual Online Video and TV