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Very Nice Productions specialises in factual online video – news, current affairs, features, case studies, educational and documentaries.

Our point of difference is entertainment. Life’s too short to watch something boring and no-one will, so we hook them in and keep them glued with humour, emotion and intelligence.

Very Nice Productions specialises in factual online videos – case studies, technical/educational videos, news, current affairs and documentaries.

We are constantly plotting some very nice factual television programmes and we can make your TVC, music video and promotional video too. That doesn’t mean we’ll try to do it all by ourselves. We get help from our many contacts, collaborators and connections to supervise, assist and inspire. And if we really can’t do it, we’ll help you find the people who can.

At all times, with all projects, in all our dealings – we are always very nice.

Factual Online Video and TV